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2010 - Present
84 + Faithful Clients
1 Amazing Team
175+ Completed Projects
20 Years of XP
100% Positive Results

The Goal

Our sole mission is perpetual improvement. There is always a better way of doing things. Superior look and feel, finer communications, excellence in visuals and improved internal processes.

We love what we do so much, we can live in a tuna can, and our dedication won't waiver. As a visual communication + process integration firm, we're aware that the best place to be is in the present. With that in mind, we take advantage of the moment and bring expectations to new heights.


A Knight

The knight's move is unusual among chess pieces. It's ability to advance in an "L shape", makes it a unique and crucial element to the game. SIGO NY is your knight; pivotal, distinctive, creative and strategic.


Real Solutions

At first glance, you may have a marketing issue, but what if the problem originates from you're warehouse process or web performance? We're not interested in quick bucks, we need to see if we are the right fit for your needs.

Crucial Integrations

Let's see what needs to be working together and integrate them. Eliminate extra steps that are taking away from valuable productivity time.

Lay It Out

Once internally things are running smoothly, we need to make sure the visuals properly communicate what, how, and why clients should choose you over others.

Success + Adapt

After successful implementation, we're done. Nope. Now more than ever we take advantage of the momentum and create more runway for ROI, innovation, and opportunities.



CEO / Partner

MJ Sichani

A Dominican/Italian, with Persian descent raised in the US, should have some identity issues. That's why he does. But that doesn't waiver from his capacity to be creative and turn a unique idea, into a business opportunity.

CTO / Partner

Edgar Gonzalez

The friendliest, most social programmer/developer you'll ever meet (trust us). With decades of experience in web and app development, plus a business mindset, we promise you. You don't meet too many Edgars like this.