Amazingly✨ is the only way to tell a story. Our creative brains, adaptive style, and shared goal to triumph make you and us the perfect duo.

SIGO NY is a design firm focused on visual communication to create unique and viable clients’ stories. For over 10 years, we have been working with startups and companies willing to try new and efficient approaches.

With offices in New York and Santo Domingo, we have an extensive set of skills, knowledge, and influence at our disposal to better help you with your endeavors.

We would love to invite you to take a deeper look at our process and how we might be able to help you.

Vast Services

  • Research
    Know the direction
  • Brand System
    Organization is key
  • Process Analysis
    Think before we act
  • UI/UX Design
    Reduce bounce rate
  • Development
    Solid foundation
  • Ecommerce
    Sell, sell, sell
  • Packaging Design
    How it looks matters
  • Internal Integration
    Joined at the hip
  • Print Design
    Only on fancy paper
  • SEO
    Let them find you
  • Digital Marketing
    Share it all
  • Social Media Management
    Yeah, we do that too

Our Method

The Blackhole

Sometimes, the problem may be the obvious answer, but it may also lie underneath. We’ll have a discovery session, dig deep and make sure we get to the root of it all way before a single pixel is generated.

Ideas Blossom

Once the obstacle is determined, we can let the creative twitch get to work. All ideas are good ideas to start with. Then we shall begin to dissect and elaborate on the better ones along the way. Eventually, the big one will hit. It always does.

Don't Waste Time

An idea set. The direction is laid out. It’s time to get to work, which we do well and swiftly. Our workflow allows us to be prompt and efficient without sacrificing quality.

Spread the Word

Let’s expose the work to all the elements. Online, social, print. Whatever it takes, we’ll do to make sure your work has a presence through the right channels.

Shiny and New

We have helped establish you to glory, and everyone knows it. Now we need to make sure we can sustain it and nourish it by keeping up the good work and maintaining our creative wits on point.


Happy Clients

Let’s tell your story.

Our journey begins with you. Reach out today,
we are eager to help however we can.

NY Offices

8 Herbert Ave
Port Washington, NY 11050

SD Offices

Correa y Cidron # 12
Santo Domingo, DN
Dom. Rep.

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