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Rudoy Medical is at the heart of the community, committed to optimal quality care for all patients that come through their doors.

The Story

Rudoy Medical promises commitment and optimal care for all its patients. With a friendly staff, qualified physicians, and the convenience of televisits, they optimize the quality of healthcare.

We met at the inception of the brand, which needed to be portrayed and represented as a modern and holistic approach to health care.

A circle represents continuity and life. Therefore we found it appropriate for one to be the hub of our new visual language.


Rubik R




  • Pantone Blue 072 C
  • RGB# 0000FF
  • Pantone 239 C
  • RGB# FF00FF
  • Pantone 312 C
  • RGB# 00D6FF

Rudoy Medical’s website extends a digital hand in facilitating all patients’ medical services.

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Visually we portray a positive outlook on results, lead by a medical practice that places a patient’s health first.

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The website facilitated a lot of our services during the pandemic. It was a great tool during a tough time.

E. Alexa - Managing Director

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