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Pica Express® is a family business producing, marketing, distributing, and exporting edible products.

The Story

Pica Express is a family business established over fifteen years ago with the firm objective of growing together. This union was solidified with their skills and abilities to create, produce, market, distribute and export delicious edible snacks without sacrificing good taste and quality.

Pica Express® wanted to refresh its brand and reinforce its strength in competing for shelf space among competitors.

Commencing with their flagship product, Yanikeke®, we took the challenge of recreating and providing new life to its design.


Rubik SB




  • Pantone 199 C
  • RGB# DB0032
  • Pantone 2738 C
  • RGB# 000B8C
  • Pantone 657 C
  • RGB# C8D6EB

Pica Express® allowed us to design and highlight its tropical source and use bright colors to animate the product.

  • Yanikeke® Onion Flavor - Front & Back
  • Yanikeke® Onion Flavor - Flat Label
  • Yanikeke® Natural Flavor
  • Yanikeke® Original Recipe

One great endeavor brings another, Palitos®, joined in its predecessor’s success.

  • Palitos® Cheddar Cheese Flavor
  • Palitos® Original Recipe
  • Yanikeke® Onion Flavor
  • Palitos® Cheddar Cheese

Tikkas®, a dietary option, was born effectively, creating a trifecta.

  • Tikkas® Garlic Flavor
  • Tikkas® Whole Wheat
  • Tikkas® Natural Flavor
  • Tikkas® Garlic Flavor

Pica Express® needed to create an online and social presence, which paved the way for a fun interactive website.

  • UI/UX - Pica Express®
  • Home / Pica Express®
Design and marketing have been a direct reason for the rise in sales.

R. Rosa - President

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