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Kismera’s passion and love for hair beauty are why they have created quality hair-care, color, and styling products.

The Story

Kismera® is a producer of high-end hair-care products widely used in the salon industry. Their mission is to offer a solution to each person’s hair-care concerns by providing complete curative, hydrating, and restructuring lines. The products are embedded with this mission in mind to help provide everyone with a wide variety of shampoos, conditioners, treatments, lotions, colorants, and more.

Our adventure began with their desire to attract new customers and organize the current product lines under an identity system.

With this responsibility, we created a new brand and design structure and adhered each product to its relative category with visual identifiers.






  • Pantone 464 C
  • Pantone 297 C
  • Pantone 2572 C

Alongside Kismera®, we created a simple and elegant design language among all product lines, highlighting its benefits.

  • Bio-Hydrating Shampoo + Density Pro Growth Shampoo - Kismera®
  • Bio-Hydrating Shampoo Label - Kismera® / Front + Back
  • Density Pro Growth Shampoo Label - Kismera® / Front + Back

Consistency is a key component among the designs, which helped customers understand how the products are associated.

  • Bleaching Powder Levels 9 & 6 - Kismera®
  • Pistachio Oil - Kismera®
  • Deep Treatment Mask - Kismera®
Everyone tells me how the designs have elevated the products.

S. De la Cruz - Co-Founder

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